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Biodata of Dr.K.B.Gopalam @ Vijayagopal

Bio data



Name                                                                Dr.K.B.Gopalam


Father’s name                                                    Sri K.V.Narasimhacharya


Date of birth                                                      16.6.1953


Place of birth                                                     Village Yenugonda of

                                                                        Mahabubnagar Dist.      

                                                                        Andhra Pradesh


Present address                                                 403, Yashoda Residency

                                                                        Bagh Amberpet

                                                                        Hyderabad 500 013

                                                                        AP India








Phones                                                              Phone: 27400289  Mobile: 98490 62055


E-Mail address                                         



Educational Qualifications                                    M.Sc. in (Cell Biology), Zoology

                                                                        (Gold Medalist Top Ranker)

                                                                        Ph.D. (Osmania) (Biochemical Genetics)

                                                                        Senior Diploma in German


Languages known                                              Telugu, Hindi, English

                                                                        German, Urdu, Sanskrit (Fair acquaintance)

                                                                        Tamil, Kannada (Familiarity)


Positions held                                                     Lecturer in Degree College


                        Science Officer in All India Radio, Hyderabad (Planning, Production and Administration of Science programmes)


                        Asst. Station Director AIR, Hyderabad         (Planning and administration of Programmes)


                        Station Director AIR, Adilabad


                        Deputy Director, Staff Training Institute, AIR Delhi


                        Deputy Director, AIR Hyderabad



Was awarded as “Best Science writer” by Visalandhra Prachuranalayam on the occasion of their 40th anniversary in the year 1993


Was awarded “ Jammi Shakuntala memorial award for the best science writer” in the year 2007



Experience in Soft Skill Trainings


                        Was associated with a few HRD groups like Aura Leadership Foundation etc. as training consultant and conducted trainings for the officials of Companies like Coca Cola, Tecumseh, Bharti Telecom, Asian Paints, Voltas, Dr. Reddy’s, Ivy Comptech, ICAI etc.


                        Participated as a resource person in training programmes of various Govt. and private institutions like NATFM, Sarva siksha abhiyaan, Academic Staff College, OU, ANGRAU, UOH etc.


                        Conducted custom designed sessions for companies like KCP Sugars, Vasant Chemicals, Tupperware, Rane Group etc.


                        Conducted own sessions on various subjects at Literacy House AMS, with participants from major companies and also unemployed youth groups.



Training Modules dealt


                        Communication (Inter personal, organisational, written, Telephone etc.)

                        Communication (Style analysis and flexing)

                        Presentation techniques (including Planning and preparation of presentations on computer and other media)

                        Supportive Communication

                        Public speaking

                        Listening (as a part of regular and remote and call centre communications)

                        Interpersonal relations

                        Transactional analysis

                        Change Management

                        Problem solving and Decision making

                        Meeting management

                        Office etiquette

                        Time management



                        Customer relations (in various situations e.g. Industry, Sales, Office etc.)

                        Leadership and Management

                        Team building

                        Lean Management and 5S

                        Interviews (Conducting and facing)


                        Passion at work place

                        Emotional Intelligence


                        Teacher empowerment

                        Self assessment

                        Power personality

                        Attitude building

                        Training of the trainers.


                        Many other subjects as per the needs of the customer also dealt occasionally.


                        Training need analysis taken up for organisations and courses planned.



Radio               Planning, production and administration of science programmes at AIR Hyderabad. Was responsible for bringing up a special unit for science popularisation in AIR Hyderabad and formulating various kinds of programmes at local, state and national level. Identified as an accomplished broadcaster. Won acclaim and awards for programmes.


                        Radio Serials Vignana Padhati and Manavavikasam were the crowning glory in the service rendered at AIR. Won national awards for programmes like Dhwani, Nissabdamlo Premanadalu etc..


                        Other popular programmes included The Dialogues in local dialect on Science for Rural Masses, Choppadantu Prasnalu in children’s programme and the weekly science news  and magazine programmes. These are only a sampling from the vast work.


Also held positions as a programme manager and trainer at national level. Headed the offices at AIR Hyderabad and Staff Training Institute AIR at Delhi. Undergone training “Systematic approach to Training” in the Ministry of Human Resource Development GOI.


                        Television        Experience in planning and production of TV programmes for the government controlled and private channels as well as commercial establishments.


                       Coverage of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam’s Annual Brahmotsavams for the Devasthanam, Eenadu television and Gemini TV were widely acclaimed.


                                                      Participated as an anchor in the programme “Pursuit” on the UGC’s country wide class room which was one of the best in their b’casts.


                                                Contributed a number of series to ETV and Gemini TV. Was associated with the management of ETV in planning programmes.


                                                My lessons for the science teachers on DD were well received


Internet            Worked on content for a few specialised portals, one of them being

                  an interactive portal on science. 

                        Worked with DRS systems and services in executing their portal and call centre projects.


                        At present the personal home page is attracting many people particularly from the international arena. My blog has been given 73/100 ranking by Indibloggers. The blog has apart from literature, translations, paintings, music and book reviews.


                        Visualised and created a site Andhra for Strobe systems Pvt. Ltd.


                        I am collecting and converting Carnatic music and am lone uploader from AP to the international groups Sangeethapriya’s site.

Academic Publications:


                        Presented papers at various National and international conferences on the research topic  “Human Biochemical Genetics”.


                        Published papers in National and International journals on the research work.


Popular Publications and contributions:


                        Currently involved in publication of computerized version of Brown’s Telugu to English Dictionary for Asian Educational Services, Chennai.


                        Working on the Communication Strategy for HIV/AIDS projects in AP on behalf of Parameswara Seva Samiti.


                        Published more than two dozen books in telugu, mostly in the category of popular science.


                        Columnist for Andhra jyoti, Andhra prabha (weekly) , Andhra prabha (daily) for more than five to six years each. Contributed innumerable articles in these and other periodicals on science and other subjects on a regular basis apart from the columns. The middle column in the Op ed page of Andhra Prabha was very popular. Daily Science column in Andhra Bhoomi ran continously for more than a year. Chekumuki is printed a column.


                        Was associated with Literacy House AMS in planning their functional literacy programmes.


                        Worked on the editorial board of Computer Vignanam a telugu monthly and contributed a number of articles and reviews..


                        Taught radio and net journalism at Rachana journalism college.


                        Worked with Children's film society of AP in their film appreciation programmes. Attended the international festivals of Childrens films as a delegate. 


                        Contributed scripts for the sky shows of BM Birla Planetarium right from the inception till date.


                        Acted as judge for the annual competition of NCERT children’s books.


                        Acted as a referee for selecting and correcting manuscripts for National book trust.


                        Acted as member governing body of AP Science centers.


                        Was associated with Late Sri PRRRao, a leading documentary maker as script writer. Wrote scripts for many documentaries he produced. Andhra Kalavaibhavam, one such series (10 parts) was b’cast on DD four times. The research script is being published by Telugu University in the form of a research book. Translated another Book “Magnificence of Indian Art” which will be published by a leading national publisher soon.



                        Lectured extensively on various topics (Science, communication, Literature etc) in prestigious organisations like the Engineering Staff College of India, State Resource Centre (Adult Education), Yuva Bharati, Jana Vignana Vedika, and at many national level meets.


                        Participated as anchor in the very successful programme “Pursuit” in UGC’s country wide class room programme on Doordarshan.


                        Wrote lyrics for the campaigns on girl child, early child education and popular science etc which were issued as music cassettes.


                        Wrote poetry and short stories for some leading Telugu periodicals like Andhra Prabha, Andhra Jyoti, Pallaki etc.


                        Published ( Swati Monthly) a series of ten translated stories on the theme of death selected from various languages of the world.


                        Translated material for publication for many leading periodicals like Yojana etc. The articles on Human Genome project was appreciated a lot.


                        Contributed articles on subjects related to films for Sitara weekly


                        Contributed Science column and other material for children's magazine Balachandrika for a period of over a Year.


                        Contributed lyrics for All India Radio’s light music programmes. Wrote science lyrics for the programmes. The Burrakatha  as a part of the Mnavavikasam serial was a hit.


                        Translated selected Telugu short stories into English for the anthology of Telugu University and one such collection is under process for publication. Translations of works of Kandukuri, Tatacharlu etc are featured on the website.


                        Translated scripts for many documentaries, cartoon films etc for Doordarshan and private TV channels on various subjects like science, culture, health and others.


                        Wrote scripts and produced language versions of many successful international programmes including the Guinness Book of World Records and Gillette World Sports etc for ETV.


                        Associated with the Dancers like Shobha Naidu and Raja & Radha Reddy in script and choreography work of some of their ballets.


                        Visualised and produced a number of ad films, 3D graphics in association with Ad agencies and media labs.


                        Associated with many classical music Sabhas as a connoisseur of classical music and helped in planning programmes.


                        Wrote reviews of concerts and casettes in classical music for leading publications.


                        Writing book reviews in many dailies and weekly magazines in English and Telugu including Indian Literature.


                        Participated as resource person in many major seminars and workshops for the state government departments, academic institutions and voluntary organisations.


                        Acted as consultant to many educational and media groups like Andhra Mahila Sabha etc.


                        Was involved in commercial copy writing for a few agencies for ads and ad films etc.


                        Translated the Tele series Andhra kala Vaibhavam which was b’cast on DD three times.


                   Wrote the Telugu Script for the 13 episode serisl Andhra Natya Reethulu


                        Translated the book Andhra Kala Vaibhavam (Under Publication by Telugu University)


                        Translated the book Bharatiya Kala Vaibhavam (Under print)


                        Translated the Book The Conflict by RP Narnerkar




Books Published:

Science sangatulu


Marikonni Science sangatulu


Inkonni Science sangatulu


Vignana Prapancham


Manam – Mana arogyam


Mee arogyam


Jantuvula Kathalu


Science Kaburlu


Nitya Jeevitamlo Bhoutika sastram ( in 2 Volumes)


Charlie Chaplin


Isaac Newton


Albert Einstein


Vaidya rangam Naadu – nedu


Sachitra Vignana Sarvaswam ( 3 Chapters of the encyclopaedia)


Sagara Sarwaswam


Adbhutamaina ksheeradalu


Paryavarana Vidya ( A Hand book for teachers)


Trees in twin cities


Batuku batalo Puli




Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde


Mulla Nasruddin Kathalu


Vignana Ratnakaram


Vanda Prasnalu


(Some of these books are translations from English and Hindi)



Details of programmes contributed to Eenadu Television


Jantu Prapancham

A series of 28 epiosodes about the animals in the mediterranian.

Guiness book of world records ( 52 episodes)

Script for the anchor and translation of the commentary for the world famous series.

Forts of india

Telugu version of the famous DD serial.

Science show

A series of 26 episodes each dealing with a specific subject of science.

Travel Show

Transcreation of 105 episodes of travel and tourism taking viewers around the world.

Wonders of the world ( 28 episodes)

A highly apprecited series of discovery channel rendered into Telugu.


Cartoon serial  translated into telugu.

Chitti chitkalu

A programme of house hold hints. (16 episodes)


Information Programme ( 13 Episodes)




Scripts Contributed to ETV2 (more than 1000 episodes) 



Gadgets and Gizmos

Toyota Wild life

Gillette world sport for more than three years


Cutting Edge


Inside Health

Inside Grand Prix 3 Seasons

Science Spectrum ( Continues)



Post cards

Strange but True

Technology World


Twentieth Century

Unusual sports

Amazing Facts

Snake wranglers

Hayden Turners Wildlife challenge

Built for the Kill



The bio data is not really exhaustive. I have done a lot more work and am continuing to do so.

This is not exactly exhaustive!!