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Links to some translations and original works in English


Poetry in translation

Telugu Poetry of Jukanti Jagnnatham, Zimbo ( Mangari Rajendar) and Udari Narayana translated into English.

Accounts of the Zamindari

Wit and Humor of Sri kandukuri Veereshalingam, the Doyen of Telugu literature.
This is teh translation of a small one act play!!

Tatacharla Kathalu

This Tatacharlu should not be mistaken for the one in Krishndevaraya's time. This man was not even a writer. He narrated the stories like many in the villages do. These are not imaginary stories. They are real incidents. A lot of research has taken place on this work of interest to Telugu language scholars. The language used in these stories is really interesting. It is more than colloquial.. Here are two stories translated into English.

Mullah Nasruddin Retold!

I have published a book of Nasruddin's tales retold in Telugu.
I have translated some of them into English!


Success - A personalised account

Death - A perspective (An article)*

On Translation (An article)

The Shadows An article

Deep from the Heart!

Nanduri Ramakrishnamacharya was a great friend.
What a great poet! He was better as a Friend!

Words of Wisdom

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