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About Vijayagopal

Vijayagopal or Dr. K.B. Gopalam as a soft skills trainer


Vijayagopal also known as Dr K.B.Gopalam is a PhD in Biochemical

Genetics from Osmania University. After a short stint of teaching he joined

All India Radio as officer in charge of Science programmes. He rose to the

level of station Director and has worked at the Staff Training Institute at

Delhi also. He headed the institute for sometime. He is well-known writer

and a columnist of repute. He has vast experience in the fields of Literature,

Classical music, Dance and other cultural aspects. He has a number of

books, both original and translations as well as many TV scripts, and other

writings to his credit.

He left All India Radio and has taken up media consultancy. He is associated

with various institutes of repute as a consultant and trainer.

He lectures extensively at major seminars and institutions on various topics

including management.

Putting together his experience as a manager and his skills in communication

etc. he is now involved in trainings in corporate and government and NGO


As a training consultant of Aura Leadership Foundation, he has conducted

trainings for companies like Coca Cola, Tecumseh, Asian Paints, Reddy’s

Labs, Bharti Telecom, Voltas and many other companies of equal repute. He

is associated with the Literacy House of Andhra Mahila Sabha as a

consultant and conducts trainings there also.

Vijayagopal is equally comfortable with Telugu and Hindi and conducts

programmes in those languages also.

His versatility shows up in his trainings, making them really rewarding


The following is the list of subjects on which Vijayagopal has conducted traing sessions. This is not an exhaustive list. He is intetrestd in customising the sessions as per the requirements of the clients. He is known for that kind of designing.

The appreciation of the clients is the only yard stick for his success in the field.

Communication (Inter personal, organisational, written,

Telephone etc.)

Communication (Style analysis and flexing)

Supportive communication for managers and medics.

Presentation techniques ( on computer and other media)

Public speaking

Listening (in regular and remote communications)

Meeting management

Office etiquette

Time management


Transactional analysis and interpersonal relations.

Problem solving and Decision-making

Customer relations ( in various situations eg. Industry, Sales,

Office etc.)

Leadership and Management

Team building  (Out bound programs)

Lean Management and 5S

Interviews (Conducting and facing)

Change management


Emotional Intelligence

Teacher empowerment


Power personality

Attitude building

Writing for media

Training of Trainers

Assessment and feedback

Orientation of teachers

Any other subjects as per the needs of the customer can also be


Training need analysis is also taken up for organisations and

courses planned with all the requisite inputs.

Vijayagopal @ Dr.K.B.Gopalam has a lot of experience in many fields.

He is a seasoned broadcaster and writer with

Original Books

Articles on various subjects exceeding a thousand


Television scripts


Book reviews

Music reviews



And many more things to his credit…..

Address : 403, Yashoda Residency


Bagh Amberpet

Hyderabad - 13

Phone: 27400289

Mobile: 98490 62055

E – Mail:

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