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Another instalment of Stories of the inimatable Hodja!


A Lesson


An intelligent person will know where, when and how to use his intelligence. One is not considered intelligent if he tries to teach things to his enemy.


Mullah Nasruddin would have a cup of tea every evening without fail.


For that, he would go the same sweet shop every day.


Not just that, he would sit at the same place everyday and keep looking around sipping his tea.


To that shop, at the same time a naughty, nutty young man also comes.


He would not be happy unless he does some or the other silly thing everyday.


He keeps waving his hands as if for nothing. In that act everyday Mullahs turban keeps rolling off from his head.


Not one day, two days, it keeps happening everyday.


It is not right if we say that Mullah was not at all unhappy with that. Somehow, he kept quiet.


At last the shopkeeper lost his cool.


“ Mullah! What do you mean by this silence? You can teach the boy a thing or two!” said he. “ it is necessary for him!” he averred.


“ What do I worry about him? I will shout. He goes mad. In that madness he is bound to do few more of his senseless acts. I agree that I hate him. But, his naughtiness will itself teach him a lesson one day. I will be patient as told by the prophet. I will keep sipping my tea. Justice will be done by itself!” answered Mullah with calm.


He young man was going berserk day by day.


One day Mullah did not come to the sweet shop.

At the same time a soldier from the King's army came there and sat in the same place as Mullah would and was sipping his tea.


The naughty boy came. Singing and throwing his around, hit the turban of the soldier off thinking it was Mullah after all.


Soldier got up with rage and pulled out his sword. Story finished.



Donkeys and grass


Nasruddin hodja would cross the borders of the country everyday along with a donkey. When asked why, he would tell that “It is business!” That too he would whisper it into the ears of the officer there as if a secret. When they see there would be nothing more than dry grass on the donkey. The officers doubted very much a bout the fools who would offer to buy the grass in the country on the other side. But, Mullah was a respected man. They could not doubt him unnecessarily. Moreover, they know his wit and the ways very much!!


Still with doubt they would poke into the grass and check frequently. They even searched mullah’s dress and turban etc. Thinking he was up to some trick, they put the grass in water and tested. They even burnt it to test. Nothing was found. Mullah continued to go everyday. He was living happily.


After some time one of the officers working there, retired from work and started staying home.


One day he came to mullah and said, “ I have left that job. You can now tell me the secret of your business, wouldn’t you?”


“ Gentleman! I was not selling the grass. I was selling the donkeys. Did you ever bother to notice how I cam back on the return journey?" said Mullah.


Donkeys and Grass again!


Every week this shanty will be there.


Selling what you have and buying what you need was the accepted style those days.


Mullah Nasruddin used to sell donkeys there every week. But, there was something special about it. Immaterial of the age and strength of the donkeys he would offer them for lower rates. So his donkey will be sold easily.


Even before noon he would finish his work, go home and sleep happily.


One big time businessman was noticing this. He also rears a lot of donkeys and sell them, in large numbers. But, he could never sell them at the rates offered by Mullah.


“ I can not understand how you are able to sell donkeys at such price. Bringing up donkeys has become a costly affair. To tell you the truth grass is really a problem. It’s cost has become prohibitive. What is ther to hide from a person like you? I am sending my men on to the fields to even steal grass, do you know even then I can not offer your kind of rates. “ he was lamenting.


“ True! How can you? You are stealing only the grass! Whereas I am stealing the donkeys!” said Mullah.



As usual a man came to Mullah for counsel.


He was looking terrified. Mullah asked what is the matter. “ I am being tortured by these dreams. I always dream that there are ghosts under my cot. When look for them I wouldn’t find any there. I am not able to sleep” said the man.


“ Then what did you do?” asked Mullah.


“ I went to the Hakim” said the man.


“ What did he say? Asked Mullah.


“ He  asked hundred dinars for the cure!”


“ Hundred dinars for such a petty problem. Give me five and I will cure you!” said Mullah.


Immediately the man took out five dinars from the pocket and put them in Mullah’s hand.


“ Tell me the cure!” he demanded.


“ What is there? Very simple. Cut the legs of your cot!” said Mullah.



Mullah Nasruddin was lost in himself while walking in the vicinity of the royal palace. He even bumped in to the man who came opposite.


That man was irritated. He started yelling.


“ Do you know who I am? I am the advisor to the King!” he said with all the pride.


“ Well! By the way do you know who I am! I am the king after all!” Said Mullah.


“ King? Of which country? Asked the royal advisor.


“ The country that I have created for myself! I am the king of my thoughts. I will not get mad for nothing, like you! Do you know?” said Mullah.


The advisor at once identified Mullah and even apologized.



Mullah lived in a rented house at one point of time.


The house was old. It used make noises even when a strong wind blew.


Mullah complained to the owner when he came for the rent.

He even said, he is terrified with all those noises.


“ Why fear? Do you know what those sounds are? Those are the prayers of this sacred building towards God!” said the owner.


“ I am not worried about the prayers. I am only worried that the house may like to kneel before the God in Salaam one day!” said Mullah.


Many more stories in the pipeline!