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I have written so much in Telugu. I can only bring a sampling of it to you here on the site. No need of fonts and downloads. These are all .pdf files. Read them and click the back button of the browser to come back to this page.

Another page of Telugu Scripts

Apart form the links available on this page, there are a few more interesting works of mine Telugu on the site. These are translations of some original works in english.Enjoy them! 

My Telugu Articles

These following are some articles published in leading Telugu periodicals. They are in the form of musings on various subjects. Please read them. If you like them tell other friends and also drop a line to me. Click on the links to read the articles.

Dhanapati Sakhudai

On the art of begging and giving alms to the right kind of people.


Pun on the Telugu word "Pannu" and some ideas in lighter vein.

Palle - Paata

On singing, particularly on a typical day in a village.


On the art of discussion, argument and convincing.


Is patience good in all the situations? Read my ideas!


Me among the trees around! "Is all that meant for us?", is the title of the article!


On the critical distance one should keep from things, including the self, to be able to see them in thier enitirity. This is my philosophy of life!!


On dreaming and realising those dreams!


We with the others!

Please tell me what you think about my musings!