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These are some translated poems!



For many days

I am thinking of telling you a matter

Sometimes because you could not give time

Sometimes because it was not right with me

The real matter with you

I could not detail

Now, even if you ask

I don’t have any topic left with me


Sorrow after sorrow

Tears after tears

Not recently but long back only

A thorn pierced down in the middle of my tongue


For long time

I want to disclose to you

Sometimes because you did not allow me to meet

Some more times even if I met because not allowed to melt

I could not tell it openly with all the details

Even if you ask me to tell

Now, with me there is no word in store


Step after step

Footprint after footprint

In the hot sun on the tar road

Without sandals the troublesome walk

We know the sting

That it burns know the others

The onlooker is the thespian

The actor is the great onlooker

Even before it starts

The whole story is topsy-turvy


Into machines people evolving

People turning into evil designs


Even when known as if not known

Even if not known as if known

Themselves deceiving

Themselves demolishing

An untruth however much

Altered will not turn into truth

One slipped word

Chases all through the life



For many years

A summary I wanted to deliver to you

Sometimes even if you understood it because could not implement

Sometimes even if I stole it because could not cut it

With you the real summary I could not detail

You even if ready or not to listen

Presently with me the syllabus turning into questions is piercing the heart


Not being able to do anything

Nothing progressing

Not being able to protect the mind

Is a great and superlative misery

Is tragedy ending in a tragedy


 This is the translation of a poem by Jukanti Jagannatham




Children get lost in the fair. Children failed in the exam run away.

Love fails and the lovers disappear

Without any of these my village disappeared

My village is not a little girl

Neither failed in the exam never cheated anyone

Apart loving and being loved it does not know anything else

For my village getting lost or running away

Even to disappear there is no chance

Wonderfully like the palace in Patalabhairavi….. my village disappeared

In finding my village

Would you help me a little?

Like the identifications told in the mike when children are lost in the fair

Like the details published in the papers when children run away

I will also tell the idenitities of my village

Help me a little in searching for my village                            

In front of the home, my village

Would appear like the faithful dog sitting stretching it’s legs

There the friendships that play stick in the sand would be there

Water holes like the friendship would there

Youngsters playing Kabaddi would be there

In the centre of the village like a pumpkin the temple would be there

Like the carpet spread out, the tank would be there

On the outskirts reminding of the tail of Hanuman

The school would be there

Winds of affection would waft all around

On the way to the school my home that embraces everyone would be there

Would these identification marks suffice? I know you can not find it out even if I tell a lakh such

There would not be a ny use I know

You go round the entire earth

I know you can not see my village because

When you can not find your own village

When you are hunting for your own village, how could you find my village?

I must be a fool, since my village is not lost

I lost it, not just the village, I lost a lot

I know what I lost

I don’t intend counting them now

Then I don’t know counting

Childhood on, I am afraid of math

I am loosing this moment

From then on this moment is mine

I lost my father

He is always on the side of my minds eye

Whatever I lost all of them are mine

My village which lost my village is mine

There are no heavens

Whatever we lost are the heavens


                                                            Zimbo Rajendar


Cheating Clouds


All these days

In the sky hospital

We thought, you were getting treated for the sun stroke


Like a prisoner on the run

Absconding from us

We never thought you will hit us with a famine

With your expertise in mimicking

Splitting our parched lives

Cutting with water

And uprooting us completely

We never thought you will perform better than human actors

Here any movement seen

Any animal caressed

Like an erring celebate

Are casting their heads down

The seed in the soil

And the embryo in the womb terrified by your blatantness

Are apprehensive to touch even the terra firma

Sun also declaring a war against us

Is throwing summer arrows

If you both join hands together

What would be left is an earth devoid of water

The saplings in the fields

Froglings in the pond

Have stood like soldiers in a formation

Even one day the mother stream

Did not take a headbath fully

Even on one day

Sons of water in a celebration

Did not venture into the fair of the sail

In the days bygone

We ate one grain in two meals and survived

One drop of water

We mixed with tears and drank

Now as even they have become like the crescent on the fourth day

If we fall down like the derailed bogies

Apart from sensational death there is nothing that could be done

As it is

In the sawing struggle of life and death

We are left like the tragic dust

For the beating of your hail storm

We make our heads bloody

Would offer our dreams as water


Let your one tear drop fall on our fate written on the face

Cleanse our lives with your water falls.


                                                              Udari Narayana


I dont know if these poets know their poems are translated into English. I am sure I told Zimbo.