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Trainer Vijayagopal

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Vijayagopal is an accomplished trainer with a background of academics and media management.

He is basically a writer

Training is a passion

In All India Radio also he was a trainer. He isa very good speaker. In amny of the sessions people expressed a wish that such people should take up training others. That is how Vijayagopal entered training. Sessions conducted at many companies were very succesful. so, the activity continues!

The Philosophy

It is simple. Like the celebrated chef Martin Yan says ( If Yan can cook, so can You!) Vijayagopal thinks that if he can become a succesful communicator and manager, anyone in this world can become one like him. Imagine he comes frm Mahabub Nagar, a backward district of Andhra Pradesh and has made a name as a writer of science and many other things. He is a multifaceted personality. He wants all the others to shine like him!

Vijayagopalk, the soft skill trainer for you!!