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what kind of a listener are YOU?

Assess yourself



  1. Do you really pay attention when someone speaks?



  1. Are you aware of the value of what is being spoken?



  1. Can you overcome the biases like the personality, voice or the delivery?



  1. Are you curious about the talking process?



  1. Do you maintain good contact with the speaker?



  1. Do you take notes physically or mentally?



  1. Are you aware of your weaknesses as a listener?



  1. Are you patient with difficult speakers?



  1. Do you understand the emotions of the speaker?



  1. Do you ever repeat what you heard? If so, why?


 Answer these questions without bias. You need not share the answers with anyone. It is for your efforts to improve yourself as a listener!!



Are you enjoying the work that you are doing?
Check yourself!
Click the link to see a Questionnaire.

Passion at Workplace!

Keep coming for many more such exercise.

Vijayagopalk, the soft skill trainer for you!!