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Confidence! Where do you get it from?

Confidence is another name for self respect.
Self respect comes from the feeling of success.
Success is a result of hard work and experience.
Experience is measured by positive results.
Positive results happen by identifying and eliminating negative results.
Results come only after doing some thing.
Action is dependent on opprtunity.
Opportunities are always there.
It is the recognition of the opportunity that is lacking.
One should be able to identify the sound when opportunity knocks on the door.
If you know the destination, you can find the way.
Success is not the destination. It is the journey!
A negative result is also a result. Tha is also success!
It is about what you do. Not what you get!
The act is not the means. It is the end!
That can give you the feeling of success which in turn gives you confidence!
It is the CONFIDENCE that makes or breaks your world!
If I can, So Can you!!

Think, Think about Yourself!

Vijayagopalk, the soft skill trainer for you!!