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Trainer Vijayagopal

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Communication Skills
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The following is the list of trainings done .
More subjects can be customised according to the need.
Training need analysis can also be taken up.

We believe years of experience within this industry will help us answer all of your questions and take care of all of your needs. 

Communication (Inter personal, organisational, written,

Telephone etc.)

Communication (Style analysis and flexing)

Supportive communication for managers and medics.

Presentation techniques ( on computer and other media)

Public speaking

Listening (in regular and remote communications)

Meeting management

Office etiquette

Time management


Transactional analysis and interpersonal relations.

Problem solving and Decision-making

Customer relations ( in various situations eg. Industry, Sales,

Office etc.)

Leadership and Management

Team building  (Out bound programs)

Lean Management and 5S

Interviews (Conducting and facing)

Change management

Changing yourself


Emotional Intelligence

Teacher empowerment


Power personality

Attitude building

Writing for media

Training of Trainers

Assessment and feedback

Orientation of teachers

Vijayagopalk, the soft skill trainer for you!!