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TV Progs., Scripts

Contributions to Television

Details of programmes contributed to Eenadu Television

Jantu Prapancham

A series of 28 epiosodes about the animals in the mediterranian.

Guiness book of world records ( 52 episodes)

Script for the anchor and translation of the commentary for the world famous series.

Forts of india

Telugu version of the famous DD serial.

Science show

A series of 26 episodes each dealing with a specific subject of science.

Travel Show

Transcreation of 105 episodes of travel and tourism taking viewers around the world.

Wonders of the world ( 28 episodes)

A highly apprecited series of discovery channel rendered into Telugu.


Cartoon serial  translated into telugu.

Chitti chitkalu 

A programme of house hold hints. (16 episodes)


Information Programme ( 13 Episodes)


Scripts contributed to ETV2



                        Gadgets and Gizmos

                        Toyota Wild life

                        Gillette world sport


                        Cutting Edge


                        Inside Health

                        Inside Grand Prix 3 Seasons

                        Science Spectrum ( Continues)



                        Post cards

                        Strange but True


Twentieth Century


                        And many more…..


Recently another series of programmes from National Geographic channel are introduced. The scripts are naturally by me!




It goes on snd on.....
It is no longer translation. It is creating a Telugu script based on the original. It is an art.