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Tappu Naadi Kaadu!

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Passing the buck is the name of the game!
Many people may know the famous Telugu poem about sevsn fish. One of the fish does not dry up. They investigate the reason to a little child and the ant which bit him. The story unfortunately ends without going to the fish and the ultimate result. Though this is a children's poem, I consider there is a lot to learn from it.
Interestingly, I found another similar poem, but not exactly as popular as the seven fish.
This is about a he buffalo. Here, interestingly the story comes round to the buffalo from which it starts. Everyone says the mistake is not on their part. Please read the poem and enjoy!

For the Telugu version of the poem click on the link below.

Tappu naadi kaadu!

Thus goes the poem.
Oh He Buffalo!
Why did you not till the land?
The farm hand has not made the tiller ready!
Farm Hand! Oh Farm Hand!
Why did you not make the tiller ready?
Land lord has not given me the wages!
Land lord! Land lord!
Why did you not give the wages?
The measure is not to be found!
Oh measure! Oh measure!
Why are you not available?
The carpenter is not shaping me!
Carpenter! Oh Carpenter!
Why are you not shaping the measure?
The tool is not sharp!
Tool! Oh Tool!
Why are you not sharp?
The blacksmith does not sharpen me!
Blacksmith! Oh blacksmith!
Why dont you sharpen the tool?
The furnace does not burn!
Furnace! Oh Furnace!
Why don't you burn?
The bellows do not blow!
Bellows! Oh Bellows!
Why are you not new?
The buffalo never dies!!

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