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The other side of the Story - The Rain

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The Rain



Like the difficulties in apoor man’s life clouds spread through out the sky.


Like the powers of the President Sun in the sky there as if not there.


“ in the next twenty four hours, sky will be overcast. Ther is likelihood of widespread thunder showers…” just then radio declares.

But then many thight that it will never rain on the day, and then it rained.


And it came with all the gusto.


Like the rich man raging with anger on the poor, like the profits for the black marketeer, like the politicians love for the people before the elections, - the rain came with all the power. Like the one having more black money than the white the sky displayed more black clouds than the white.


Like the leader after winning the election Sun stopped appearing in the sky. He disappeared somewhere behind the clouds.


Like the socialism in the country he became useless in spite of being there.


Darkness descended during the day.


In five minutes roads were deserted.


People taking shelter under the porticos of buildings, shops, hotels started looking at the rain.


Raju also pulled the rickshaw aside, reached the verandah of  ahotel, and stood in a corner.


The place was already full with those seeking shelter, and those coming out from inside and looking whether the rain stops.


At that time among those assembled there, there were elders, gentlemen, officers, unofficials, students, clerks, businessmen, -  and many more kinds.


Raju does not belong to any of these kinds. He is a coomon rickshaw puller. Or a poor soul inspite of pulling the rickshaw is neither able to live nor die.


And hence raju, is standing away from all the others crouching in a corner.


He is looking at the rain like all the others.


He si waiting for the rain to stop.

But he does not want the rain to stop completely.


If it does not stop and continues as a drizzle he would get some good business.


It should be heavy enough for to make people wet if they walk and light enough to make them safe if they go in a rickshaw.


Only then Raju will get some good business.


But now thw rain is heavy enough to drench people even if they travel in a rickshaw. In such rain people would prefer a taxi and never opt for rickshaw. They would wait somewhere and come out on to the roads only when the rain stops.


Thinking all this raju swore at the rain “ Damned rain”


Even after swearing the rain never stopped.

It is continuiing incessantly.


Just then the college boy, after having poories and also rawa dosa and coffee, came out, put some nut powder in mouth lit a cigarette and looking on to the road cursed the rain english “ Hell with the rain”


Even after the college boys swearing in english the rain never stopped. It continued.


It even grew heavier.


The boy who cursed the rain in english bit his tongue immediately.


A girl drenched in the rain and then taking shelter there apeeared very beatiful to him in that half wet saree. Heq uestioned him self whether he would be lucky enoough to watch such a beatiful girl for so long if it never rained,  answered himself that it was impossible,

And hence appreciated the rain, an started looking at the girl without blinking.


There are some more , like the college boy , who are appreciating the incessant down pour.


If it continues to rain like this, thought the hotel ayyar, and felt happy about the chance of people who came for shelter coming in for a cup of coffee,  and appreciated the rain without stirring from his seat.


The business man selling rain coats and umbrellas thought if it continues to rain for another couple of days, his day will be made and appreciated the rain.


A rich man with lots of money but no work, sleeping acroos the cot on his third floor, sipping a hot drik warmly, appreciated the rain very well.


A young employee who forgot the world in the embrace of the wife, prefering the embrace over the employment, and thinking that it would be much better in the rain, appreciated the rain sans ends.


Rain appreciating itself because there are so many who appreciate it, starting pouring further and heavier.


Along the rain the disgust in Raju’s heart also grew.


He would not gte work unless the rain stops.


Belly would not get full without work.


So is with those at home.


No business right from the morning.


Yesterday was also so so.


Yeserday it was half filled stomach.


Today he did not eat anything till now.


The day was prograssing and it was already late.


Rain never stopped and it appears it will never subside.


Raju was hungry. Irritated too.


He was angry.

Rain never stopped.


Two miles from there – in a hut which was precariously withstanding the onslaught of the rain, raju’s old mother who’s capability of standing up was doubtful, was squatting at the door steps, and looking into the unending rain with disgust.


Two children, raju’s brothers, like skeletal remains sat next to her, looking into the rain with same disgust and hope that the brother may come and may get something to eat.


Raju was still standing in the hotel verandah.


Raju was hungry.


Raju’s old mother was hungry.


Raju’s brothers with nothing except bones in the body, they were also hungry.


Still the rain never stopped.


The whole day it never stopped.


Raju did not get any business.


To him, his mother and to his brothers there was no food that day.









Is it a story or a picture drawn?